Analytics & Reporting

Collect valuable data from your supply chain

Data drives informed decision-making. Analytics captured across every stage of your supply chain can help control costs and increase margins.

Create a smarter supply chain with our data analytics

  • Collect valuable data from product concept to production, all the way through to distribution
  • Run configured reports on any product within your supply chain and collect key metrics
  • Easily access and manage reports through our platform's user dashboard
  • Make smarter, data-backed decisions that will help increase your revenue and speed-to-market

Get a sneak peek of our platform

Speed-to-market is more critical now than ever before. Digitize your supply chain and reach new levels. Watch our mobile demo now!

Better understand your strengths and weaknesses

Get a clear picture of anything within your supply chain that needs support or additional investment to scale your business.

Control who has access to your supply chain metrics

The GRID allows account admins to assign levels of visibility to other users to ensure supply chain data isn’t accessible by certain users within your network.

Learn about our next feature: Global Sourcing Network

Create a truly connected and scalable network of trusted suppliers. The GRID allows you to expand your capabilities.

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