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Supply Chain Communications & Collaboration

Collaborate with all supply chain participants

Get immediate access to your partners. Delays due to missed calls and lost emails will be a thing of the past.

Real-time communication from design to distribution

Get a sneak peek of our platform

Speed-to-market is more critical now than ever before. Digitize your supply chain and reach new levels. Watch our demo now!

Tag and assign team members to new projects

By tagging a specific user, they’ll receive web, app, and email notifications to ensure any tasks are completed within the deadline.

The future of digital workspaces for your team

Achieve true connectivity and higher productivity all within a common digital workspace platform. Increase team member output through real-time collaboration on video calls directly in the GRID. Contact us and learn how it works.

Learn about our next module: Real-Time Tracking

Stop guessing. Create a streamlined process from every stage and track it all on the GRID.

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