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Increase data integrity with an integrated PLM

With the GRID’s PLM solution, data from the early stages of the supply chain is never lost. Drive transparency across all participants starting with product development.

Improve turnaround times with simplified collaboration

Get a sneak peek of our platform

Ensure efficiency and productivity across the supply chain in today’s complex market. Learn how our platform helps you achieve that and much more

Onboard your vendors to build your materials library

Efficiently source materials and trims directly through the Material Library. Search by relevant tags, such as name, colors, availability, and more.

Reduce costs by eliminating antiquated systems

The GRID can replace antiquated and disconnected PLM systems. Optimize tech spend by investing in one solution that is integrated with your supply chain.

Explore our long-term protection plan: Source PPE

A diversified network of suppliers for PPE and medical supplies has never been more critical to prevent shortages. Take the first steps towards supply chain resilience in a post-COVID market

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