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Suuchi is a vertically integrated supply chain platform that helps fashion brands and retailers minimize execution risk, improve margins, and increase revenues.

Reducing Trade War Effects on Apparel

Diversify your production network with Americas-based suppliers and factories.

Minimize Your Exposure to Potential Tariff Increases

Many US fashion brands are rightfully worried about the constantly changing Chinese tariff threat. Are rising production and sourcing costs resulting from protectionist trade policies impacting your business? If your suppliers and factories are concentrated in a single region, your ability to manage costs, keep prices low for consumers, and still grow profitably may be at risk in this uncertain geopolitical environment.

That’s why Suuchi is here to help you reduce your exposure to higher costs by geographically diversifying your supplier and production network. Let us show you how you can minimize your execution risks resulting from overseas production and increase customer lifetime value in the process.

Chinese Imports Hit With A 10% Tariff


of apparel


of home textiles


of footwear

– American Apparel and Footwear Association


The Fastest Way To Re-Establish Americas-Based Suppliers And Factories

In response to the tariff uncertainties, companies have been planning to move suppliers and production to neighboring countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh, but are finding that the lead times to do so are quickly lengthening due to the rush.

Until now, an on-shoring option wasn’t practical because it typically took up to 18 months to re-establish suppliers and production in the US but, companies like Suuchi are changing that. Our curated network of more than 600 suppliers and factories combined with our proprietary supply chain software, the Suuchi Grid, provides cutting-edge project management for your brand’s styles and collections. From small to large batch production, our ‘micro-factories’ quickly scale to meet any volume demand. This flexibility enables quicker turnaround times and the freedom to prioritize and re-prioritize as your business blooms. Suuchi customers use our vertically integrated supply chain platform to move from product development to delivery in as little as 12 weeks.

The Benefits Of A Diversified And Integrated Supply Chain

Lower Execution Risk

Brands faced with tariff increases are looking to Suuchi to hedge the risk associated with overseas manufacturing. We’re helping them diversify their supply chain geographically, with a primarily US-based solution, and transform production in an incredibly cost-effective way. Brands that work with us can expand into new markets with lower investment, lower order quantities, fewer markdowns, and less landfill waste.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Sourcing domestically allows brands to get orders to customers faster and do it with lower shipping costs. Companies that work with Suuchi are typically 20 times faster to market and in a better position to keep up with shifting trends and deliver a greater variety of designs with better quality. By giving consumers what they want when they want it, your brand will build a more loyal following and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

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