Listening is Key for Business – Cathy Murphy | Suuchi Podcast #74

On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Cathy Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder of Venus Media Group. Before starting Venus in 2017, she spent 20 years working at large media companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pandora and CBS. She was able to gain a ton of insight into the social media space and culture and experience a lot […]

Magazine Editor to Mompreneur – Jasmine Snow | Suuchi Podcast #73

  On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Jasmine Snow, a fashion expert and blogger who also created her own brand called “The black bib.” In addition to being the name of her blog, it is also a trendy black leather bib for kids she created. It’s the baby of equivalent of a staple black […]

Building a Venture-Backed Company in Under 3 Years – Suuchi Ramesh | Suuchi Podcast #70

On today’s episode, Emanuel and Irina interview Suuchi Ramesh, Founder & CEO of Suuchi, Inc., to dive into her story about founding the company, where she was before Suuchi, Inc., what the past 3+ years looked like, and what’s on the road ahead. They discuss Suuchi’s previous jobs that led her to starting her own […]

Communication is the Key to Collaboration – Jennifer Tsay | Suuchi Podcast #60

On today’s episode, Irina interviews Jennifer Tsay, CEO and founder of Shoott, a female-run startup that celebrates diversity and seeks to make quality photography accessible to everyone. The company provides a free on-demand 30-minute photo session with a professional photographer and the photos are $15 each or less — you pay for what you keep. […]

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe – Katya Libin | Suuchi Podcast #59

  On today’s episode, Irina interviews Katya Libin, CEO and Co-Founder of HeyMama. HeyMama is a strong, national community for mothers in business. They provide resources, a vetted network, and support women need to succeed at home and in the office. Katya held various roles in corporate America before she became a mom. At that […]

5 Women Reinventing Fabric Technologies for the Textile Industry

Widely adopted by various industries and predicted to be worth $130 billion by 2025, the textiles industry is evolving. It is becoming smarter, thanks to technology. Innovation has introduced us to tech wonders like, fabric that can protect us in ways we never imagined, new materials that can be grown in labs and sustainable ways […]

Network of Executive Women – Sarah Alter | Suuchi Podcast #42

On today’s episode, we interview Sarah Alter, the President and CEO of The Network of Executive Women (NEW), an organization with 13,000+ members and 900+ corporate partners. NEW offers leadership development and networking opportunities for its members and diversity and inclusion strategies for businesses and corporations. Today we talk about mission, pivot points (life changing moments), finding your why, advice to […]