The Magic that Brings the GRID to Life

I’m happy to share some of the design approaches we have taken in developing the Suuchi GRID, our proprietary supply chain management software. As we look at the need for technology in the supply chain now more than ever, I’d love to share some insights on the approaches my team has implemented to build the […]

Will Your Business Pay The Price For Digital-Hesitance?

As states begin to reopen and move to a new normal, businesses are taking the first steps to return to their standard operations. In the fashion sector, particularly, companies are now forecasting for the late-summer and holiday seasons. However, fashion companies face a new set of challenges due to the lack of digitization across the […]

Dear Legacy Fashion Businesses, It’s Now Or Never

Back in 2014, Francis Bitonti commented during an interview with Design Boom, that the fashion industry’s adoption of technology was many years behind other industries. Bitonti hoped that fashion brands would catch up soon, and six years later, an industry with a reputation for not readily embracing change is now being forced, by COVID-19, to […]

How Amazon is Making its Supply Chain “COVID-proof”

COVID-19 has affected various industries in ways that they would never have foreseen. As the economic fallout continues, very few companies have been “immune” to the pandemic’s effect on their bottom line. Driven by smart technology and digital innovation, global organization Amazon has built a reputation as a company that is shaping how many industries […]

What’s Next for Businesses During COVID-19?

As we continue to persevere through this pandemic, we’ve faced plenty of obstacles, but have also seen new opportunities arise for business to explore. With all of the wild shifts in the market, supply chains have been barely able to keep up. For companies that are looking ahead, they are leveraging these changes as the […]

How Supply Chain Management Software Can Help Your Business

A business is a complicated animal with many moving parts. Keeping all those parts running smoothly and efficiently is no small feat! One of the most significant areas of concern in this respect is your supply chain.   Consider the process of ordering a few thousand units of clothing. From the designer to the manufacturer, […]

The “Wild West” of COVID-19 PPE Needs

It’s no secret that the U.S., as well as many other countries, are depending on China to supply them with the much-needed, medical-grade, PPE. This protective equipment is essential for protecting our frontline heroes risking their lives to keep sick patients alive. This has sparked some questions as to why our supply chain relies so heavily on outside […]

5 Experts On Fashion Supply Chain Challenges & the Adoption of Efficient Production Methods

Although apparel supply chains have become more complex and demanding, to prevent a bleak future, we can no longer ignore the elephant in the room- we need to reinvent fashion’s supply chain. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt both the supply chain and the global distribution channels, now is the time to start paying […]

All Industries will Need PPE in the “New Norm”

Even though COVID-19 continues to turn the world on its head, states across the country are beginning to reopen businesses and lift their stay-at-home orders. While our heroes on the frontlines remain the group who needs PPE the most, companies that are now returning to a new world need to consider how they are going […]

Overcoming Chaos And Repairing A Broken Supply Chain

As fashion businesses continue to try and figure out how they can change their path going forward, experts like Elizabeth L Cline, author of Overdressed and the Conscious Closet are hoping that the current pandemic forces the industry to protect its most vulnerable workers in their supply chain. It is a viewpoint that was supported […]