The GRID connects and trains your data for AI powered intelligence to improve margins and sales

Connect data sets. Develop best performing products. Work with the best suppliers. Automate bids and negotiations. Reduce Labor Costs.

Use our AI to supercharge your supply chain 

Connected data sets form the foundation to AI-powered intelligence

Reading PDF files and excel files for auto mapping integration forms

Automated filling of forms across the supply chain

Sourcing cost-effective and faster-to-arrive components for new products and purchase orders

Mapping best suppliers for purchase orders based on performance and lead-time requirements

Prompting best products with best suppliers

Automating bidding and negotiations with vendors

Stocking right amounts of inventory by demand channel

Flagging potential exceptions in the purchase order cycle before they happen

Optimizing for the right product attributes to maximize sales

Bringing new products to market faster

Reducing labor for quality control

Optimize sales pitches and contracts with language processing


The more the data, the better the intelligence

Integrations are key to collecting and training more data

Unstructured data is critical for driving higher orders of intelligence