Your System of Record. Or your collaboration and intelligence hub integrating with legacy systems.

Connect people & workflows. Grow through automation vs. adding people. Reduce OpEx and COGS. Supercharge your supply chain through AI-powered decisions.

With New

AI Powered Tools

Streamlined Workflows across the entire Supply Chain

Manage your supply chain data across the length of sourcing, product development, production and logistics. Collaborate in real time to identify potential delays before they become problems

The GRID solves the gaps left by SAP, Netsuite and your legacy tech stack

Item Management (PIM)
Sourcing Management
Procure to Pay & Order Management (ERP)

Supercharge Your
Supply Chain Through


Connect data, workflows, and transactions across the supply chain

Spot and plot the trends and variables that predict demand, supply, and costs

Optimize accuracy by upgrading formulas and trend lines to smart AI-driven algorithmic outputs

Simulate outputs served through our chatbots and dashboards

Why executives choose the GRID for transformation and driving supply chain impact

Improve metrics that improve financials and increase company valuation *

A platform that delivers phenomenally quick time to value.
* Metrics based on data reported over a 24 month period

The GRID was created because there is a big ocean of companies that desperately need a scalable platform that either works as a grade up after excel sheets or as a solution that works with unwieldy, expensive ERPs.

If you are a $30M company running your supply chain on excel sheets, or a $3B company with multiple PIMs and ERPs, the problem statement is the same. What changes is the volume of data and complexity of system connections. In either scenario, the ability to improve margins and grow revenue is capped because people, data and workflows are disconnected. The GRID provides connective digital tissue across the supply chain, thereby solving the problems of systems chaos and margin suppression.
Suuchi Ramesh
Founder and CEO of Suuchi Inc.

Certified Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE)


Eliminate data silos with the right Integrations

The GRID integrates with all systems from heavy ERPs to excel sheets, across Product Development, Purchasing, Production, and Logistics. Connected systems lead to connected people and connected data sets.
Build a more resilient business by making data-backed decisions.

User Testimonials

Learn how we’ve helped hundreds of companies.
Kathy Siefke
Director of Supply Chain & Sustainability
Have been using the Suuchi GRID to manage AG’s supply chain for the past four months and the time and energy savings are ‘as promised’! Thank you Grid team!
Scott Van Doormaal
Sr. Director Global Operations & Business Systems
Our goal is to digitise our end-to- end supply chain to have real-time data and ability to monitor, communicate and resolve issues as they pop up. Suuchi’s GRID platform is the critical component we’ve been missing.
Miguel Bullrich
Chief Executive Officer
By leveraging Suuchi Inc’s supply chain software platform, we have realised our vision or a central source of truth, providing internal teams and partners a seat at the digital table.