Product Management

Envision a single digital hub for all product workflows and data.

The GRID’s product management suite is not a standard PLM or inventory management system. Marry product information management, product and collection development, real-time inventory, digital assets, and materials management under one roof. 

We redefine product management.

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Product information management

Catalogue management

  • Maintain a digital multi-tenant collaborative product catalogue.
  • Publish your product catalogue to selling channels and share with wholesale customers and suppliers.
  • Categorize products using a configurable merchandising hierarchy with infinite levels.
Catalogue Management
Collection Management

Collection development

  • Create dynamic development and sourcing project plans for individual SKUs and styles or entire collections. 
  • Smart project dashboard reporting with insights into collections, styles, skus.
  • Dashboard level and push to text or email notifications to ensure everyone is alerted of priorities.
  • Manage bulk assignments and project templates. 

Product lifecycle management

  • Create, track, manage, and collaborate on early product development processes – CADs, Techpacks, Blueprints. 
  • Collaborate with internal and external development teams directly in the GRID.
  • Share design and development files with supply chain teams through sourcing, production, and logistics processes.

Materials management

  • Maintain a digital material library.
  • Catalogue, classify, and associate parts, packaging, fabrics, trims, and other raw materials.
  • Link raw materials to finished SKUs to manage bills of material and work orders. 
  • Whether you work with full package contract manufacturing or source raw materials, we have you covered.

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