Developing your Company Culture

Starting any business requires a ton of energy and a truly entrepreneurial spirit. There are a thousand minute things that you have to think about that will contribute to your ability to grow your company. If your business is going to include anyone other than yourself (which it most likely will), one of the things […]

Intelligent Textiles: Presenting a Roadmap for the Future

As technology evolves, textiles are becoming more and more intelligent. From clothing to sensors to luminous fashion tech, it is a revolution that has brought the integration of electronics and textiles to the forefront. It is no secret that, connected or embedded,  digital components being used in textiles is something that has been in development […]

How Transparency can Transform your Brand

Transparency has become one of the top buzzwords across all industries, but especially within the fashion industry. A quick Google search will show you just how much of a hot topic it has become. As a brand that centers itself around a totally transparent supply chain, Suuchi Inc. knows that while some brands say that […]

Beyond the Label’s #MakeShiftHappen Influencer Meet & Greet

In November, Beyond the Label hosted its first #MakeShiftHappen Influencer Meet & Greet giving students, designers and Angelenos an opportunity to connect with changemakers from London, Germany, France, and around the United States – all in favor to truly #MakeShiftHappen. During a ‘speed interview’, Beyond The Label team members Karen Housel, Naomi Goez and Allison Sherman asked […]

Breaking Down the Apparel Supply Chain

Understanding your supply chain is an important part of owning a fashion line. If you are unsure of what goes into creating your line from start to finish, you’re going to have a hard time describing exactly what you’re selling (remember: transparency is key). We’ve created a cheat sheet to help you understand each stage […]

Navigating the Rubik’s Cube that is Manufacturing Fashion Tech

Although the manufacturing industry is currently in the midst of transformation, thanks to digitisation, executing a fashion tech prototype successfully can still feel like the wild, wild west. This is why it is vital that you take a moment to learn from those who have been through the process countless times because they have learned […]

What to Know when Sourcing your Line

As a brand owner, you know just how much work goes into the “behind-the-scenes” work of your line in order to make it perfect. When you are putting everything into your line, there is no room for any error that can jeopardize the success of your brand. One area that can become a pitfall for […]

How Clothing Recycling can Help Grow your Brand

Recently, the discussion of circular economy has raised new questions when it comes to fashion. A traditional linear economy makes, uses, and disposes, while a circular economy seeks to finds ways to reuse, recycle, and regenerate materials & resources for as long as possible.   I’d like to introduce myself, Taryn Hipwell, as the founder […]

How Tech Keeps Your Supply Chain Nimble

In the recent past, many successful businesses who once were the leaders of their industry have either lost their status as the gold standard or have gone out of business completely. These rapid declines have come as a shock to many people and begs the question of why these business are losing their status so […]

Nanotechnology Creates New Fashion Markets by Disrupting Old Ones

It is no secret that nanotechnology-based textiles, also known as nanotextiles, have given fashion designers, and creative minds the opportunity to work with tech-fused fabrics with superior properties. Now that designers are no longer limited to traditional materials, the fashion industry has been taking advantage of the opportunity to work with fabric that has mechanical […]