How Clothing Recycling can Help Grow your Brand

Recently, the discussion of circular economy has raised new questions when it comes to fashion. A traditional linear economy makes, uses, and disposes, while a circular economy seeks to finds ways to reuse, recycle, and regenerate materials & resources for as long as possible.   I’d like to introduce myself, Taryn Hipwell, as the founder […]

How Tech Keeps Your Supply Chain Nimble

In the recent past, many successful businesses who once were the leaders of their industry have either lost their status as the gold standard or have gone out of business completely. These rapid declines have come as a shock to many people and begs the question of why these business are losing their status so […]

Nanotechnology Creates New Fashion Markets by Disrupting Old Ones

It is no secret that nanotechnology-based textiles, also known as nanotextiles, have given fashion designers, and creative minds the opportunity to work with tech-fused fabrics with superior properties. Now that designers are no longer limited to traditional materials, the fashion industry has been taking advantage of the opportunity to work with fabric that has mechanical […]

5 Questions to ask Yourself Before Launching a Brand

Suuchi Inc. knows that when you’re passionate about the project you’re working on, it can be tempting to want to jump ahead in the process. We work with many amazing designers and brands who have worked hard to be able to showcase their work. However, we also know that creating a successful brand doesn’t happen […]

How to Marketing Working with an Ethical Manufacturer

As the fashion industry continues to grow and the market becomes more crowded, the way brands differentiate themselves has been forced to evolve. With so many different brands on the market, you need to ensure that you have multiple ways to distinguish yourself as the top choice.   One way to differentiate your brand from […]

Translating the Power of Smart Fabrics

Did you know that Smart Textiles is predicted to be worth $130 billion by 2025? It is a prediction made by technology consultancy Cientifica in a report entitled “Smart Textiles and Wearables: Markets, Applications and Technologies”. The report stated that the rapid adoption of smart textile technologies in the apparel and fashion industries could make […]

The Importance of Passionate Employees

What if you were able to customize every job description to every single one of your employees? What if you could take all of their strengths and create the perfect roles for them to be fully dedicated and passionate to the work they’re doing?   Over and over, research has shown that when employees are […]

What’s Next for Suuchi Inc.?

Suuchi Inc. has based its entire mission in continuously innovating fashion manufacturing through our use of technology. While we have already disrupted the industry in a major way, we have no plans of stopping anytime soon.   In just 27 months, we have seen an exponential growth that manufacturing hasn’t experienced in decades. We have […]

The First Step to Launch Your Dream Brand

We know that when you’re a launching brand that all you want to do is to finally show everyone what you’ve been working so hard on. The mundane, first steps to launching your brand could seem like unnecessary formalities just holding you back.   But what if skipping out on one step could jeopardize the […]

Why Boutique Owners Should Start their own Line

Running a boutique requires a keen eye to all of the trends in the fashion industry and the trends that resonate with your customers.   What happens when designers aren’t creating the styles that reflects what resonates with your audience and, ultimately, doesn’t make you money? You create your own clothing line.   Rest assured, […]