Developing Your Company Culture

Starting any business requires a ton of energy and a truly entrepreneurial spirit. There are a thousand minute things that you have to think about that will contribute to your ability to grow your company. If your business is going to include anyone other than yourself (which it most likely will), one of the things you need to think about is the type of company culture you are looking to establish. While this might not seem like something that’s at the top of your priority list, the company culture contributes to whether or not you’re setting yourself up for success.

A company culture can start with simply identifying the type of people you want working within your company. Knowing what kind of backgrounds you want your employees to have will help you find the right place to start building your culture. This will help you develop a mission statement that will establish what exactly your company believes in and what makes up your brand’s heart and soul. This will then serve as the guideline for your employees of how things will run in the workplace. By knowing who your employees will be, you’ll be able to be straightforward on who exactly you’re looking for to join you on your journey with your company.

Not only should the values of the company be laid out clearly, but you should also be stating the guidelines of how employees are expected to act and treat each other. You need to be transparent on what your expectations are for employee behavior and what the dynamic will be like between employees while they are at work. It is important to ensure that these guidelines and your mission evolves with your company, otherwise, what you’ve established as the company culture will quickly grow outdated.

While these mission statements help set the stage for your company’s culture, it isn’t the only factor. Incentives and perks have become a huge part of what people look for in potential employers. Free meals, flexibility in working remotely, relaxed dress codes and on-site child care services are just some of the most popular perks that have emerged in recent years. While these perks obviously can add to the values of your company, they can’t be the the only thing that defines who you are. If you’re offering a ton of free perks, but the actual work environment is toxic and unconducive to getting work done, those perks are not going to be enough to sustain a productive work environment.

As with anything else, finding the perfect balance for your company’s culture won’t happen overnight. In fact, developing the perfect work environment might mean some trial and error. You may envision that your company will be a certain way, but in reality, that vision isn’t sustainable to keep your brand running successfully. If you find that something isn’t working, it is important to find the root of the problem and adjust from there.

And finally, it’s important to remember that your company is wholly its own, so your culture is going to be unique, as well! Just because certain things have been successful at other companies, doesn’t mean that it’s the best fit for you. You, your brand and your employees will have your own distinct dynamic that won’t fit the mold of anyone before you. Find what works for you and grow a successful and exciting workplace from there.


Written by Lizzie Sessa


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