Digitization is Necessary for Supply Chain Resiliency

As we’ve previously mentioned, we are living through uncertain times, but businesses need to find new ways to come out of this pandemic stronger. When we look at the agility and data needed to create supply chain resiliency, it is evident that it cannot be done without a digital solution in place. If a company wants to make smart pivots, it will need an end-to-end solution to provide them with actionable analytics. Without software, there is no data to draw from, and businesses will be left in the dust by their competition.

The Suuchi GRID digitizes the entire supply chain by onboarding all of the members of your internal and external teams for connectivity and transparency. By digitizing previously manual and disconnected processes through the GRID, businesses can run reports across their entire supply chain to make data-backed decisions.

These reports allow decision-makers to marry data from every process to see where there are new opportunities within the market. They can also track and manage all of their partners to ensure that there is supply chain diversity, timelines are met, compliance is up-to-date, and which partners have the fastest turnaround times at the best cost and quality. Through smart factory assignment, our partners have seen up to a 50% increase in speed-to-market in as little as two years.

In a time where businesses cannot afford additional disruptions to their supply chains, the GRID allows for full transparency across the supply chain to mitigate execution risk at every stage. They can also quickly identify any weaknesses to continually evolve their supply chain strategy to ensure they are operating at top efficiency at all times. Now is the time for executives to take their business to the next level through a data-driven supply strategy.

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Written by Emanuel Mercapidez


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