Faryl Robin and Suuchi Inc. Announce Plans to Strengthen and Expand Partnership Through Multi-Year GRID Collaboration

The growth in the partnership between both companies helps Faryl Robin further streamline its Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes, while doubling down on its use of purchase order and production functionality on the GRID


Faryl Robin, the New York based footwear company, has recently expanded its multi-year partnership with Suuchi Inc. to further digitize its business and supply chain operations. The growth in the partnership between both companies helps Faryl Robin further streamline its Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes, while doubling down on its use of purchase order and production functionality on the GRID. Faryl Robin is also expanding its sourcing network to utilize Suuchi Inc.’s extensive digital network of manufacturers throughout Central and South America.

For the last two years, Faryl Robin and the Suuchi Inc. team have worked together to streamline Faryl Robin’s B2B purchasing and production capabilities, serving as a centralized platform connecting previously fragmented links in their supply chain. Faryl Robin utilizes the GRID’s Sales Order and Purchase Order management capabilities to optimize its purchasing processes. The GRID allows Faryl Robin team members to operate more efficiently through multiple productized integrations with major retailers. Through the GRID, Faryl Robin automatically receives Sales Orders from their customers, and is able to quickly cost and communicate those Purchase Orders to its factory network, vastly improving turnaround time and increasing speed to market.

Using the GRID’s Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) modules, Faryl Robin will be able to seamlessly store and manage their existing digital assets as well as develop new products on the GRID. Faryl Robin will be able to efficiently create and manage product conception through sampling workflows, either as individual products or product group records, thereby massively accelerating new product development timelines.

In addition to a robust supply chain operations software platform, the GRID also manages a Global Sourcing Network (GSN) consisting of hundreds of factories, suppliers, mills, and freight companies across Central, and South America. Faryl Robin will utilize the GRID to manage aspects of their sourcing and production capabilities through the GSN, optimizing for the best combination of ethical manufacturing, costs, and lead times.

“Faryl Robin has been a long-cherished and valuable customer for Suuchi Inc. Faryl Robin the founder is an inspiration. She has shown the world that building something world class means playing the long game. Our 2 companies are similarly taking a long-term view with optimizing and calculating ROI by methodically digitizing the entire length of supply chain. It has been a privilege to work with and be a part of the incredible team and culture at Faryl Robin over the last few years, and we are grateful to be further expanding the partnership,” said Suuchi Ramesh, CEO & Founder of Suuchi Inc.

“By expanding into use of the GRID’s Product Development, PLM, and Global Sourcing Network products, Faryl Robin is choosing to further digitize and diversify its supply chain at a time when global uncertainty is causing unprecedented supply chain issues delays across all industries. By leveraging Suuchi Inc’s supply chain software platform and their best-in-class supply chain partners, we can realize our vision of a central source of truth, providing our internal teams and partners a seat at the digital table. We have increased operational efficiencies to provide our customers with the same high-quality shoe they’ve come to expect from Faryl Robin,” said Miguel Bullrich, COO of Faryl Robin

About the Suuchi GRID

The GRID is a next-generation supply chain platform designed for consumer brands, retailers, and manufacturing across a multitude of industries. The platform allows end-to-end management of the supply chain, across design, product development, sourcing, production, and shipments. Suuchi Inc. partners with customers to deploy its platform as a software solution to digitize both upstream and downstream supply chains. Customers can also choose to utilize the GRID’s Global Sourcing Network (GSN), a managed marketplace of factories and mills primarily located in Central and South America. Combined with robust communication and collaboration capabilities, built for how supply chains operate, companies can create, track, collaborate and report across the entire length of their supply chain. Suuchi Inc. is digitally transforming retail and supply chain management, enabled by megatrends of just-in-time production, connected systems, vendor participation, near shoring, and supply chains created for consumer demand. For more information, visit suuchi.com

About Faryl Robin

Founded in 2001 by Faryl Robin Morse, Faryl Robin is committed to empowering all women by designing impactful footwear and changing the world through inclusivity & sustainability initiatives. They believe that all women should have access to footwear that makes them feel confident & beautiful and works every day to ensure this is a reality. Faryl Robin sees a world where everyone, regardless of age, identity, ethnicity, size, physical limitations, financial means & fashion sensibility, can find shoes that make them feel empowered and honored. Through product, process, people & partnerships, Faryl Robin is determined to make a positive impact on the world and beyond and strive to improve year over year.


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