Our next-gen software, the GRID, creates a streamlined global supply chain for your brand. The GRID’s intuitive user interface and features connect teams at every stage to eliminate siloed workflows and empower data-backed decision-making.

Digitize your supply chain

Brands of all sizes have yet to modernize their supply chain with a technology stack that creates a seamless workflow through one interface. As consumer demands continue to change overnight, brands can no longer operate with profitability with a supply chain based on spreadsheets and disconnected processes. Learn how we can digitize the entire process for you and your team.

Collaborate with partners and suppliers

The GRID creates an end-to-end view of the entire supply chain which allows the members of your team — from product development to the shop floor — to provide real-time updates through the approve/reject features, native chat, and comments. By breaking down the barriers across the product lifecycle, it allows your team to accurately forecast for upcoming launches and assign accountability to each team member.

Scale your brand

With open APIs to integrate onto any existing systems, the GRID tracks data at each stage of development for your brand. It aggregates data and provides analytic reporting, which includes: WIP, PSR, and time to-make. Your business is able to leverage this data for smarter decision-making to ensure brand growth, longevity, and profitability.

Get a sneak peek of our platform

See how the GRID effectively manages all of your products through a single dashboard. Track projected timelines, leave feedback, and communicate across your team members.

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