How Suuchi’s GRID, already a leading supply chain management software platform, just got better

The Suuchi GRID, an intuitive software solution that digitizes the entire supply chain for midmarket direct-to-consumer industries on Tuesday announced additional functionality on two of the software’s approximately two dozen products — delivery schedule management and inventory planning.

Suuchi Inc. CEO Suuchi Ramesh said she is confident the advanced features will have great impact.

“Our vision from Day 1 has been to build a multiproduct supply chain platform that would be the connective tissue across people, data and workflows,” she said. “Standing up connected products takes years of excruciating hard work. We’ve been able to execute against this grand vision because we have world-class technology leaders who have delivered world-class products.

“I am delighted to see us adding advanced capabilities to our current products, while also standing up new ones, all towards driving higher ROI for our customers.”

Through the implementation of these two products, users can efficiently and effectively manage inventory and delivery schedule planning across the length and breadth of any supply chain, Ramesh said.

The GRID allows users to track inventory levels across warehouses and third-party logistics, providing businesses with the visibility and insights needed to make informed decisions about their inventory. The GRID allows users to track inventory levels and issue replenishment purchase orders once inventory levels drop below a designated threshold, streamlining inventory management and reducing stock-outs.

The GRID also provides comprehensive delivery schedule planning functions that enable customers to plan their supply chain operations and deliveries with greater accuracy and efficiency. Users can plan deliveries across multiple shipments, warehouses and locations. As delays or changes occur, the GRID enables users to enact changes in real time. Users can split shipments into any number of individual deliveries and track their progress and lead times across multiple factories and end destinations.

The GRID’s sophisticated planning tools work to ensure that delivery schedules are tailored to each customer’s unique needs, resulting in improved supply chain performance and increased gross margins.

The GRID’s configurable nature enables businesses to tailor the software to their unique needs, while also equipping businesses with powerful analytics and reporting by merging previously disconnected data sets. Through open APIs, the GRID can integrate seamlessly with logistics, warehousing and freight platforms, creating a single source of truth for businesses to manage their entire supply chain operations.

Tommy Bardinas. (Suuchi Inc.)

Tommy Bardinas, chief technology officer of Suuchi Inc., said the company is at an inflection point and eager to work with more customers.

“Efficient inventory management and timely deliveries are critical to our customers’ success,” he said. “Our advanced technology and global experienced team are dedicated to providing the highest-quality supply chain solutions that meet our customers’ specific requirements.”

Ramesh described the additional functionality this way: There are more layers to it, more reporting, more dashboarding, more advanced logic fields — all of which will improve workflow and ROI, she said.

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