Inside Suuchi: Operations Supply Chain Management

Today we released the newest installment of our “Inside Suuchi” series, which focuses on how our Suuchi Inc team uses their in-house tech. This week, we highlight our Senior Vice President of Platform Operations — Victor Cortes. Victors’ exclusive interview showcases how his team incorporates our proprietary supply chain management software: the Suuchi GRID into their daily work tasks.

Victor is an experienced Senior Production Director and Supply Chain Manager with a successful history of managing product development and finance teams in the strategic management of large, complex projects, and leadership of national and international programs. With close to 30 years in the fashion industry, Victor continues to focus on production, operations, sourcing, quality control, and compliance. Here at Suuchi Inc, Victor leads one of our biggest teams that have close to 100 members –all utilizing the GRID!


In his video, Victor discusses how his team handles: sourcing, production, and logistics:

  • Sourcing: Victor’s team takes care of factory ratings, factory assignments, and compliance. All of that info goes through the GRID. The GRID then does factory assignments for the project based on the data we collect. It is an essential part of what we do in terms of how we connect the supply chain at Suuchi Inc.


  • Production: With Design and PDM (Platform Delivery Manager) teams, there is a handoff from design and PDM into production. Our Production team is always involved in the GRID with updates. During a handoff, we need Bill of Materials (BOMs), tech packs, gradings, specs, fabrics, trims, and all of that info is tracked through the GRID. Our factories are integrated and work through the GRID to provide updates, and the team follows all progress there.


  • Logistics: Everything is connected. Once we complete the quality and compliance procedures–which is also tracked through the GRID–the production data gets transferred to the logistics team. From this point, Victors’ team does all distribution and quality control, and everything gets updated step by step.



“Everthing happens through the GRID. It is the backbone of how we operate within Suuchi inc, and has enabled us to expand and scale at a very rapid pace.”

— V. Cortes



Written by Alexis Washington

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