Quantifying impact through use of Wearable Technology

Because one big challenge we see is that the inventory receipt is not updated in real time and and sometimes the receipt is updated at different syncs and frequencies across different warehouses. And it this can create a real challenge to fulfilment because you don’t know what the actual quantity received is in real time and it’s not fast enough but but also being able to sell faster because once you have the ability to track this faster you have better sell through and and it also has an impact like we discussed on OpEx.
But I would imagine cost to goods sold to a lot of our companies, their, their formulas are different.
But if you’re also allocating the labour cost in terms of fulfilment to your cost to goods sold, this has a big impact too.
So I can immediately imagine, not just a cultural impact that you mentioned in terms of employee morale and ergonomics, but a financial impact not just to the ROI you could drive from the warehouse data, but how it could impact ROI if you were able to assemble and assimilate this information upstream in terms of the ability to, for better reconciliation faster fulfilment and to market reduction in OpEx and COGS.


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