Selecting the Right Supply Chain Management Solution: ROI Considerations

In a world of ever changing supply chain complexities, the world has become an unpredictable place.  We have all heard the saying, “control what you can control”.  No phrase has ever rang truer than when speaking supply chain management in 2022. 

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Managing a supply chain is challenging; a brand will have multiple products, various vendors, collaboration and data in disparate systems / communication threads, lack of visibility of product life cycle, and significant time consumed by manual data entry..  Innovation is currently at the forefront of supply chain management and in order to “control what you can control” brands are looking for long term investments in software solutions to improve margins, reduce operational overhead, and increase revenue.  Money doesn’t grow on trees and in order for brands to find such solutions, they must justify the costs to their leadership teams. 

When considering what supply chain management solution to turn to, there are 3 important ROI vectors one should evaluate before making such a decision:

Reduction in COGS from

  • Better RFQ Process: manage bids across multiple vendors in one place & take into account total landed costs of product life cycle
  • Moving Faster:  fewer delays from digital project planning & smart exception management 
  • Reducing human error:  fewer errors due to better collaboration

Reduction in Operating Costs from

  • Reducing Manual Work:  Get rid of data entry in Excel sheets by redirecting time of team to more strategic tasks
  • Reducing Overhead Through Automation:  provide ability to scale business without scaling team size at same proportion

Increase in Sales from

  • Faster conception to product release time
  • Faster response time to customer orders through digital collaboration
  • Faster response time to customer orders through factory assignments

The GRID: Next Generation Supply Chain Management Solution

The GRID is an end-to-end supply chain management solution that simplifies complex business operations through real-time collaboration, process automation, visibility, and connectivity. 

The innovative platform provides brand aggregators with one place to:

  • Centralize internal communication & vendor collaboration
  • Store product information & digital assets
  • Oversee all projects with real-time status updates
  • Complete costing & bidding with vendors
  • Manage purchase orders 
  • Track production, QA, & logistics
  • Plan delivery schedules
  • Track shipments

The business impacts for high-growth brands are immense.  Having a unified and integrated supply chain platform leads to faster lead times, improved margins, and reduced operational overhead.  Additionally, our team of supply chain experts coupled with the GRID helps provide renowned brands across the globe with  a robust supply chain tech and process backbone to support scale.


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