SupplyCaddy Commits to Suuchi Inc. with Multi-Year GRID Partnership and Strategic Equity Investment

SupplyCaddy, a global manufacturer and supplier of packaging and disposables for the foodservice industry, has chosen Suuchi Inc’s GRID platform as their supply chain management system, announcing a multi-year agreement. SupplyCaddy will utilize the PLM, Sourcing Management and ERP modules of the GRID platform to digitize and set up SupplyCaddy’s supply chain for the exponential growth they are experiencing. SupplyCaddy has also made an equity investment into Suuchi Inc, seeing the GRID’s potential and ability to have an enormous impact across the foodservice industry.

SupplyCaddy will run their entire supply chain process on the GRID. They will create and manage item catalogues, handle upstream customer processes like proposals and contracts, while also streamlining and managing customer orders, all using the GRID. SupplyCaddy will also be able to manage vendor communication and compliance, while tracking purchase orders, deliveries, and inbound shipments.

“After a year of searching for and exploring all platforms, including NetSuite and Salesforce, we not only chose Suuchi as a partner, but also made an equity investment into the company. We are overly impressed with the high caliber of the team and expansive solutions that the GRID offers. The platform is a game changer,” said President & COO Bradley Saveth.

“The double power of having SupplyCaddy as both a customer and investor has resulted in big impact for Suuchi Inc within the foodservice industry, and beyond. It has been exciting to see the GRID driving efficiencies in workflow for SupplyCaddy especially as they prepare for continued explosive growth. We are excited to demonstrate value for the company and replicate across more customers in the food and
beverage space.” said Suuchi Ramesh, Founder and CEO of Suuchi Inc.

About the GRID

The GRID is the new standard for supply chain operations and productivity, solving the gaps left by legacy technology stacks. The GRID is a multi-product modular platform – PLM, Sourcing and ERP, with intuitive collaboration, project management, and reporting functionality across. The GRID democratizes access, helping companies build connected, intelligent & scalable supply chains. Whether integrating with other software programs or used as a standalone platform, the GRID provides a comprehensive and connected product suite, improving supply chain efficiency through connected workflows and reduced operating expenses. The GRID is digitally transforming what mid-market and enterprise brands and manufacturers think is possible in supply chain management. For more information and the full list of GRID products, visit

About SupplyCaddy

SupplyCaddy is a global manufacturer and supplier of packaging and disposables for the foodservice industry. With a global headquarters in Miami, Florida, and manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe, SupplyCaddy is able to provide high-quality, affordable products for restaurants, chains, and foodservice brands globally. For more information, visit


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