SUUCHI Inc. Announces Key Leadership Team Promotions

Suuchi Inc has announced the promotion of Ketan Anand to Chief Product Officer. In this new capacity, Anand will lead product roadmap and global operations for GRID platform’s implementations and customer success. Anand has relocated to Canada to manage the growing customer and team member base for Suuchi Inc and the GRID in the Canadian region. Since joining Suuchi Inc 5 years ago, Anand has demonstrated entrepreneurial drive and unshakeable commitment to GRID’s vision. Starting his journey at Suuchi as product manager, Anand has consistently received well-deserved promotions moving to Vice President of Operations and now to Chief Product Officer.

“Suuchi Inc has always believed in promoting from within the company. Ketan is the best example of leadership promotion resulting from relentless hard work, determination, love, and vision for what Suuchi Inc and GRID could be. I am incredibly happy and proud of Ketan. Under his leadership, we have 100% confidence of hitting our product roadmap goals and customer happiness metrics” said Suuchi Ramesh, Founder and CEO of Suuchi Inc.

Suuchi Inc has also announced the promotions of Kartik Malhotra to General Manager, Asia Operations, Luke Laperriere to VP, Sales, and Tejal Parab to Director, Product & Solutions.

In his new role Malhotra will drive the continued fast pace hiring, and team and customers’ growth strategies execution across functional areas in Suuchi Inc’s countries of operation in Asia.

Laperriere In his expanded role will manage outbound lead generation functions, as well as the Americas and Europe focused team of account executives.

Parab, in her new role will manage the roadmap for new products, as well as lead a team of customer success and solutions managers.

“Over their years at Suuchi Inc, Kartik, Luke and Tejal have each delivered consistent financials’ metrics outcome and happiness amongst their teams and customers. I am thrilled that the next stage of our growth and global operations’ expansion will be commanded by proven leaders from within Suuchi Inc that care deeply about the cause” added Suuchi Ramesh, Founder and CEO of Suuchi Inc.

Suuchi Inc extends big congratulations to Anand, Malhotra, Laperriere, and Parab for their achievements and promotions.


About the GRID

The GRID is the new standard for supply chain operations and productivity, solving the gaps left by legacy technology stacks.

The GRID is a multi-product modular platform covering PLM, Sourcing and ERP functions, with intuitive collaboration, project management, and reporting functionality across. If you are a $30M company running your supply chain on excel, or a $3B company with multiple Product Systems and ERPs, the problem statement is the same. What changes is the volume of data and complexity of system connections. In either scenario, the ability to improve margins and grow revenue is restricted because people, data and workflows are disconnected.

The GRID provides connective digital tissue across the supply chain, solving your problems of systems chaos and margin suppression.


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