Suuchi Inc.’s COVID-19 Update

It’s easy to talk about what a good leader looks like, but here at Suuchi, we strive to be the best example of strong leadership every day. Like the rest of the world, we are learning how to navigate COVID-19 in a way that embodies the values that are our company’s North Star.

From when the company started four years ago, our team has acknowledged our social responsibility not only to each other and our customers but to our local communities, as well. We’ve been fortunate with the support that the state of New Jersey has shown to us over the years, and when we saw the impacts of COVID-19 on our communities, we did our part to support our fellow New Jersians. Besides the procurement of PPE, we have been able to make donations to the Carlstadt Emergency ServicesJBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, and Wine Library in Springfield. We are proud to support our essential local workers who are keeping our communities running and are excited to continue to help more of our local organizations!

Our executive leaders have also stepped up to ensure that all members of our team still feel supported during these difficult times. The world hasn’t stopped due to the pandemic, and we know that it’s essential to take the time to recognize the support all members of our Suuchi family need. From the start of work from home, we have implemented a bi-weekly happy hour to destress from the week, celebrate wins, and strengthen the bond across all of our teams. Individual team leaders have set up time to check in on their teammates personally and professionally to see what additional support they may need.

As the world around us continues to evolve, we know that every company is going to have a different plan on how they embody their values. We will continue to iterate on our plan as we move forward for a new normal and hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.

Learn more about how Suuchi’s network can help secure PPE for your employees and customers.

Written by Lizzie Sessa


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