Suuchi Inc Wins Start Up Manufacturer of the Year!

On October 4th, we became the proud winners of the NJMEP’s 2019 Start-Up of the Year, award!” That night, the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program handed out eight awards during the Made in New Jersey Manufacturing Day event at the Marigold in Somerset. 

When news of the award broke, it spread like wildfire amongst the 180+ proud employees, who are dedicated to supporting the company vision of bringing both technology and transparency to the forefront of manufacturing. Our Founder and CEO Suuchi Ramesh said she was: “proud to win the award and grateful for the recognition. We’re committed to using technology as a force to bring back manufacturing to the United States.”



The NJMEP was established in 1996 and has been helping U.S. manufacturers become more profitable and globally competitive. Their network is comprised of more than 60 individual centers, which span across all fifty U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Each center has programs and services geared towards helping small and mid-sized manufacturers improve efficiencies, boost productivity, embrace innovation and spur job creation.

At Suuchi Inc, we also help the manufacturing community become more efficient, productive and innovative with our custom in-house developed technology– The Suuchi GRID. The Grid itself is innovative, and its efficiency steams from the automated manufacturing process we use on hundreds of machines to reduce labor time. And because of the digitization of the production workflow, we can reduce costs, and save time.

Though we are always honored to win any award, using our tech to transform American apparel manufacturing, will be our greatest achievement!


Written by Alexis Washington

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