Top Women in Business – ROI NJ Nominates Suuchi Ramesh

This past week, we celebrated International Women’s day, and what a better way to celebrate than receiving a “Top Women in Business” award!

ROI NJ announced their list of top 40 women in business and it is quite an impressive group. They had this to say about Suuchi: “(Suuchi is) a nationally recognized leader in software and manufacturing — someone who pivoted her services across the country to help with the pandemic. More than that, she is the new-age entrepreneur the state longs for.”

top women in business

Founded in late 2016 by Suuchi Ramesh, Suuchi Inc is a supply chain management platform for fast growing mid-sized and enterprise companies. Over a decade-long career in data and analytics, Ramesh observed that connectivity across the digital supply chain landscape was broken and disjointed. The market needed a solution with a simple, beautiful interface that could be a single source of truth seamlessly spanning across inbound and outbound workflows, while democratizing access for all user types. 

To realize that vision, Suuchi Inc started as a sourcing platform connecting companies with factories to design and manufacture consumer products – one of those factories was in fact operated by us. This grassroots approach and hands-on operating knowledge and feedback from 100s of companies and factories informed the building of our software platform. Amongst many other differentiators, we believe our evolution story and how we built our software product is a matter of engineering and cultural pride and sets our software platform apart from all others in the market. 

Today, the GRID is used by companies across over 20 industries to run their supply chains. These industries range in variety from cosmetics, apparel, and footwear to kitchen utensils, safety products and tools proving the versatility and easy configurability of the GRID. While we no longer run a factory inhouse our sourcing marketplace is still a vital module under our platform. The GRID is proud to be the digital supply chain backbone to the world’s next generation of billion dollar brands. 

To learn more about Suuchi’s business, software platform, the GRID, and sourcing services, read more here!


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