We Are All Change Agents – Kim Sauer | Suuchi Podcast #71

On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Kim Sauer, owner and founder of Moda Kim, a personal training business that allows for her clients to train how they want, when they want, in the mode they want. While today’s interview isn’t directly about the fashion industry, it shows how one can make a change in one’s life to pursue whatever their passion may be; in this case, it’s fitness and personal well being!

Kim started her career in the corporate world but after starting a family she reevaluated her life. She wanted to be true to herself while doing something she loved, while also finding a way to touch and help others. She focused on fitness and for the last 10 years, she has been helping people of all ages feel comfortable in their own skin.

Kim says we are all change agents, which she defines as not accepting mediocrity. If the change we make isn’t the right choice, we have the power to go back and make changes. Just accept that we are all human, but take the risk and go for what you think you want and be ok if it doesn’t work out.

Kim surrounds herself with like-minded people who inspire her and avoids the toxicity in people. She believes in helping people find their best self and works to help people around her rise above what they even think is their potential. Not everything is going to be perfect and she accepts that, as she sees that life is continually about change and growth. Her practice focuses on authenticity and being true to oneself, which especially in the fitness industry isn’t always the norm. She remains true to herself by always looking for balance and staying true to keeping moderation.

If you want to find out more about Kim, check out her website at www.modakim.com or follow her on Instagram @modakim


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