You Make Your Own Future & Life, So Just Live It – Shermin Lakha | Suuchi Podcast #62

On today’s episode, Irina interviews Shermin Lakha, Managing Attorney & CEO of LVLUP Legal, which is a modern-day law firm that specializes in giving clients in a unique, transparent, and refreshing legal experience. Shermin came to New York City mainly because she always wanted to be surrounded by ambitious people. She worked for the Attorney Generals office, as well as Goldman Sachs and an international law firm in the city. Although she loved the work, she just didn’t feel connected to her clients, which is when she decided to rewrite the rules and start her own legal practice.

LVLUP strives to help businesses, companies, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers make smart business decisions and “level up” to some of the big companies that they need to work with. There is a notion of traditional lawyers being expensive, disconnected and stuck in traditional, stodgy practices, which can be very intimidating to people. Shermin breaks down all those barriers and focuses on building relationships with her clients. She never charges for emails, phone conversations, or texts. She doesn’t charge the big retainer fees that most law firms charge. She does everything on a flat fee basis which creates a level of transparency that doesn’t really exist with most attorneys. She serves as a virtual legal team member for her clients and can work with anyone, anywhere. Through the use of Skype, zoom, texts, and emails, her clients can always feel connected.

The biggest challenge when making the jump from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur is the fear that financial comfort and stability will be threatened. But being her own boss is what motivates her. Shermin advises that if you’re passionate about what you want to do and confident about what you want to do with it, money and success will follow because ultimately you’re making your dreams come true.

She believes that taking chances is something you should always do. She believes in manifesting your goals. While discovering your passion, you might discover something about yourself during the process that makes it all worthwhile. You make your own future and life so just live it! Through her experience in working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives, she has found that many tend to focus on their craft and not so much on the legal and business side. But it is critical to get your arms around that in order to make it and be successful.

In the future, she aims to make LVLUP a full-service firm that can provide outsourced services like HR, financial services, and accounting to her clients in a one-stop-shop. To learn more about LVLUP, visit:


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