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About us

Our story

Founded in 2016 by Suuchi Ramesh, Suuchi Inc. is a supply chain solution for companies of all sizes. With a decade-long career in software, Ramesh took her knowledge of technology and understanding the challenges in the market to create an intuitive end-to-end solution for supply chain processes. The GRID’s core product suite was built to solve the supply chain challenges and inefficiencies seen in our now defunct R&D facility.

As a true disruptor in supply chain, Suuchi Inc. is dedicated to being the solution for a digitized future. Starting with a team of 3, Ramesh grew the Suuchi family to an expert team of supply chain, engineering, operations, sales, and marketing professionals to take the company to the next level.

Our Mission

From day one, our mission has been to democratize access to a digital supply chain for all supply chain participants (i.e. users). The GRID was built with a mobile-first approach to foster a next-level of connectivity and transparency.

As our business expands to digitize and scale operations for the new generation of businesses, our team will continue to strive towards creating a world class software solution for local and global supply chain. We look forward to leading you to a path of meaningful change for your supply chain.