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Over the past five years, our team at Suuchi Inc has worked with hundreds of customers. Each brings unique supply chain workflows, business models, and challenges. Therefore, helping these businesses digitize their supply chain workflows and identify optimal sourcing partners requires top people, partners, and technology. When considering supply chain transformation, players at the table must apply long-term thinking, and simultaneously break long-term goals into actionable short-term moves.  There is no short-term gratification if you want to transform your supply chain and drive exponential outcomes. Moreover, we’ve come into our own realizing we’re expertly equipped to be the thought partners hand holding companies through this transformation – one step at a time.  

The Best Journeys Shape The Best Solutions

As I think back through our five-year journey, our evolution story drives in me, and our team such immense pride. Much like we preach to our customers – we built our company Suuchi Inc, and our software platform, the GRID, the hard way, and with a long-term view. We had to build unmatched operational expertise to be able to skillfully solve the most complex supply chain challenges. 

Instead of commercializing our platform on day one, we launched with a sourcing platform to understand behavior across different participant types. We gave our software away almost free-to-use in those early years. We connected hundreds of factories and brands to our platform, and even operated our own factory. These experiences helped inform and transform our vision when building the unrivaled functionality set of the GRID. That foundation and growth path makes our software platform and our team a solid technology partner for our customers. Today, customers leverage both our software platform and sourcing network – an unprecedented solution mix to manage both process digitization and sourcing strategies.

We took the tedious route to build our company. Additionally, we know how to and enjoy solving tedious and complex problems for our customers. This emphasis on intense R&D plus constant learning has informed our software development and the makeup of our team. We look for thought leaders, supply chain geeks, those that revel in solving the complex, and those that are in it for the long game.


A big hurray and welcome to our new thought leaders. We are very grateful to have found you and to have you join the team as we start 2022 – Matt Cannon, Luke Laperriere, Tejal Parab, and Nishitha Dodda

Wrapping up the first month of 2022, I couldn’t be more excited, anxious, and impatient about the rest of 2022. Anxious and impatient to get our hands on the world’s intricate supply chains and to help them solve complex problems. We’re very excited and grateful to continue to collaborate with the most innovative people and companies in the world. 

Suuchi Ramesh founded Suuchi Inc. 5 years ago after a 12 year career in technology and predictive data analytics. Before starting Suuchi Inc., Suuchi had scaled the B2B side of multiple tech startups from zero to nearly $30 million. Suuchi now plans to do the same with the GRID. The Suuchi GRID is an intuitive software solution that digitizes the entire supply chain, empowering participation, and providing a single source of truth across suppliers, factories, brands, retailers, warehouses, and customers.

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