Shortages, Delays and Panic: How Coronavirus Is Causing A Ripple Effect in Fashion’s Supply Chain

In the last few weeks, we have been exposed to headlines like; ‘The Coronavirus is Throwing Fashion’s Supply Chain into Disarray’ and ‘The Coronavirus is Wreaking Havoc on Luxury Fashion Groups’. If we were to take a closer look, there is no denying that the China-born virus has disrupted global supply chains and exposed its […]

How Will 5G Power New Levels of Innovation and Efficiency In Fashion’s Supply Chain?

Although it is early days, there has been quite a buzz in the last 12 months about the capabilities that 5G will bring to various industries, including fashion. Providing at least 10x faster data transfer compared to 4G cellular networks, those with authority in this space believe that 5G connectivity will have not only a […]

Five Technology Platforms Digitally Transforming Fashion’s Supply Chain

Supply chains are becoming more and more digital, thanks to digital technology-powered processes, approaches and tools. As the digital supply network (DSN) becomes much faster, more granular, and much more precise, we are observing greater efficiency and ability for companies to be able to complete processes quicker. Currently, there are three digital technologies identified as […]

Re-Thinking & Re-Strategizing the Supply Chain Through Data

If you did not already know, the smartest fashion businesses are not connected for the sake of it, or because it’s the trendy thing to do, they do it because the innovation behind connected products gives them access to information like 360-view of data. These tech-forward fashion companies are investing in an integrated supply chain […]

Next-Generation Technology Takeover: Exploring The Importance of Disrupting the Supply Chain

In 2018, Janice Wang, Chief Executive of Alvanon, said that “technology-driven supply chains are more important than design,” adding “an analogue supply chain is serving the digital consumer.” Wang’s words expressed frustration towards an industry that needs to disrupt its current methodology because time has been identified as one of the biggest risk factors in […]


Learn how Crimson Heart Maternity used SuuchiX wholesale, white-label solution to launch and scale her brand to the next level. Watch X Marks the Spot now. Suuchi offers a full suite of supply chain solutions for brands including our newest offering: SuuchiX. SuuchiX is a B2B, eCommerce wholesale solution that brands can white-label. Through this […]


Behind the Seams is Suuchi Inc.’s video series where we sit down with our brand to discuss their company’s journey, how our technology and manufacturing solutions have helped them along the way, and where they’re looking to take the company next. This week we are proud to feature Ben Workman, CEO & Founder of Jumper […]

How the Suuchi GRID is Reinventing the Fashion Supply Chain

Here at Suuchi Inc., our team consists of over 180 experts across the apparel, supply chain management, technology, and engineering industries. We ensure that all of our team members are committed to providing our clients with the best solutions and products with the industry expertise to back it up. This week on The Suuchi Podcast, […]

How to Become a Multi-Million Dollar Apparel Brand

Suuchi Inc. is proud to partner with the top industry leaders to provide our clients with a full suite of solutions to scale their brand to the next level. Through our Channels program, we connect our brands with our expert partners to assist with brand development, marketing, drop-shipping, and more!   We are excited to […]

The Future of Direct to Consumer Apparel Brands

The Business of Fashion recently discussed what pioneer direct to consumer (D2C) brands will look like moving into 2020 and beyond. We have seen digitally-native D2C brands dominate across industries over the last decade which has set the standard for what is expected from consumers. As the apparel industry continues to evolve to fit the […]