Alongside talent, mental strength & adaptability, are the key indicators of success | #SuuchiStrong

Witty aphorisms adorn the light beige walls of our now lonely Suuchi office. And while they are, of course, meant to instruct behavior, we are still wonderfully stunned and schooled when these lines from our PowerPoint slides and values from our walls come to save us. When behaviors match values, extraordinary things happen.

One of our favorites from our values – Alongside talent, mental strength & adaptability are the biggest indicators of success.

Young companies boast the ambition and innovation that add jobs and foster economic growth. Dreams, talent, and venture money together create heady cocktails upon which castles are built. But it is courage, conviction, perseverance, grit, and adaptability that form the foundation of these castles. Without a foundation, no amount of money or talent or vision can save the castle from the dastardly winds that will blow the walls away.

As founder and CEO, my dream has always been to build a multi-generational business that has the bones and spine to survive through and beyond tough times. Over four years of building this company, I have realized that it is ALL ABOUT WHO OUR HUMANS ARE AND WHAT OUR HUMANS DO.

Are we calm and graceful under pressure?

Do we demonstrate polish and good-hearted behavior even when under financial stress?

Does our clarity of purpose help invent new paths to achieving our goals?

Do we believe enough in one another to demand the best, even and especially when times are tough?

Do we have the courage to bet on ourselves today, because we know the most iconic companies are shaped during rough times?  

These are frightening times to live through. But I am grateful to be living through these times with the most courageous team in the world.

Just. Very. Grateful.


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