‘I Have A Dream’ Not ‘I Have A Plan’ | #SuuchiStrong

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is arguably one of the most memorable speeches in history. Seemingly a simple phrase, the meaning is jam-packed with power. He didn’t lay out a plan for his civil rights movement but instead motivated his followers by explaining the purpose of his actions. The most inspiring leaders […]

When you Don’t have all the Answers as a Leader

The COVID-19 crisis has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on business owners and decision-makers across the globe. As an executive leader, there has always been pressure to make tough decisions, provide answers to all of the questions your stakeholders have, and to have a long-term strategy for success. However, this pandemic has impaired the […]

Alongside talent, mental strength & adaptability, are the key indicators of success | #SuuchiStrong

Witty aphorisms adorn the light beige walls of our now lonely Suuchi office. And while they are, of course, meant to instruct behavior, we are still wonderfully stunned and schooled when these lines from our PowerPoint slides and values from our walls come to save us. When behaviors match values, extraordinary things happen. One of […]

Building a Brand That Adds Value – Michelle Muller | Suuchi Podcast #76

  On today’s episode, Irina interviews Michelle Muller, the Co-Founder and CXO (Chief Experience Officer) at Little Spoon, a venture-backed, DTC child nutrition brand that’s growing very fast and impacting the lives of many parents around the nation. This interview shows how a company idea can spark at any time and how it’s up to you to […]

8 Mental Habits of Highly Successful People – Jay Menez | Suuchi Podcast #75

  On today’s episode, Emanuel sits down with Jay Menez, a serial entrepreneur, speaker, personal development coach, and author of the international bestseller, Spark, The 8 Mental Habits of Highly Successful People. This talk is jam-packed with great stories of how Jay went from starting his career as a police officer to Wall Street, to crushing […]

Listening is Key for Business – Cathy Murphy | Suuchi Podcast #74

On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Cathy Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder of Venus Media Group. Before starting Venus in 2017, she spent 20 years working at large media companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pandora and CBS. She was able to gain a ton of insight into the social media space and culture and experience a lot […]

Magazine Editor to Mompreneur – Jasmine Snow | Suuchi Podcast #73

  On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Jasmine Snow, a fashion expert and blogger who also created her own brand called “The black bib.” In addition to being the name of her blog, it is also a trendy black leather bib for kids she created. It’s the baby of equivalent of a staple black […]

Made-to-Order & Purpose-Driven – Peter Sacco | Suuchi Podcast #72

On today’s episode, Emanuel interviews Peter Sacco, Founder & CEO of Adelante Shoe Co., a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers amazing products to customers while supporting local craftsmen in Guatemala. Each pair of shoes that they sell is made-to-order with a 10-day turnaround time! To add to that, Adelante pays those craftsmen nearly double what the […]

Launching a Brand Out of a Need – Darlene Campbell | Suuchi Podcast #64

On today’s interview, Irina sits down with Darlene Campbell, the Founder of Campbell & Kate, a women’s brand that’s perfect for the conservative woman. Throughout this talk, Irina uncovers how Darlene went from being a corporate attorney to launching her own lifestyle brand. The challenges she’s faced and how launching a brand out of a […]

Supply Chain Tips for Emerging Apparel Brands

Suuchi Inc. is dedicated to democratizing the fashion industry for all entrepreneurs to have a seat at the table. Through our full suite of solutions, we can assist brands across the entire supply chain from conception to shipment. In this week’s episode of The Suuchi Podcast, we have our Senior Manager of PR & Communications, Lizzie […]