Behind the Seams: 319 the Label on Clothing Manufacturing

We are excited to bring you another episode of our video series Behind The Seams, a platform focused on highlighting some of our favorite brands from our community of clients. We showcase the depth and capabilities of our technology & clothing manufacturing and how our clients have managed to see success using Suuchi solutions, such as the Suuchi GRID. Today’s spotlight features Glenna Michelle, CEO & Founder of 319 the Label, a fashion lifestyle brand for women priding themselves on being size-inclusive, eco-friendly, Made in the USA, and being age inclusive.

Each collection is designed not just to take up space in the closet, but to make the space more elegant and beautiful. Every piece is multi-purpose and can be mixed and matched with other designs apart of the collection. The collections are made with every woman’s body shape in mind to give a flattering fit across all markets. Glenna also wanted to make sure that she was able to visit the factory and see that her clothing manufacturing was done ethical with good working conditions.

Glenna speaks about how she was able to find everything she needed through the Suuchi network. She was able to work directly with the team through the GRID, visit her platform delivery team, and ensure that production was on track with a digital footprint. Glenna finished off by giving the audience advice on staying connected with your customers and to always understand your consumer’s shopping habits and how their needs change over the course of time.


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