Behind the Seams: Reprise Activewear On Plant-Based Clothing

We are excited to bring you another episode of our video series Behind The Seams, a platform focused on highlighting some of our favorite brands from our community of clients. We showcase the depth and capabilities of our technology & clothing manufacturing and how our clients have managed to see success using Suuchi solutions, such as the Suuchi GRID. Today’s spotlight features Suuchi client, Mary Bemis, Founder of Reprise Activewear— a plant-based clothing company.

Reprise is an athleisure brand that is determined to educate consumers on the harmful use of plastics in our clothing and minimize the impact the fashion industry is having on the environment. The conception of Reprise Activewear becoming a plant-based clothing company, occurred after Mary was selling her clothing on poshmark. While writing out her descriptions for her clothing tags, she noticed how much of her clothes were made from polyester. Out of sheer curiosity, she decided to google more information about the material and was surprised to find out it was plastic. Mary’s shocking revelation led her to take a deeper dive into what elements are in clothing and how is it made and found 90% of Activewear is made from a polyester-based material.

In this interview, we cover topics such as how technology helps unify the supply chain, why sustainability is more than just an initiative and the benefits of producing here in the USA.



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Written by Alexis Washington


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