Behind the Seams – She Does: Lifestyle Brand

Behind the Seams is Suuchi Inc.’s video series where we sit down with our brands to discuss their company’s journey, how our technology and manufacturing solutions have assisted them along the way, and where they’re looking to take their company next. This week on Behind the Seams, we are excited to feature Audrey Waldron, CEO & Founder of She Does.


She Does is a lifestyle brand that is meant to empower women to always feel inspired and that they should live life outside of the box. As a swimsuit model, Audrey drew from her experience and teamed up with designer, Graehme Field, to bring luxurious and functional swimsuits to life. Each suit is designed to be multi-functional for the beach or pool, but are versatile enough to be worn into the evening. Based on her journey, Audrey hopes to inspire hard-working women to live an empowered lifestyle to do everything she wants!


In this interview, we discuss the inspiration behind the designs and materials, the benefits of digitizing your supply chain, the importance of transparency and communication, what’s next for She Does as a lifestyle, and what entrepreneurs need to identify before launching their business.

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