Behind the Seams: The Days Swimwear on Sustainable Swimsuits

Behind the Seams is Suuchi Inc.’s video series where we sit down with our brands to discuss their company’s journey, how our technology and manufacturing solutions have assisted them along the way, and where they’re looking to take their company next. This week on Behind the Seams, we are happy to feature Alexa D’Amico, CEO & Founder of The Days Swimwear.


The Days Swimwear is a curated line made of repurposed fabrics that were born from the thought process of making everyday count. The Days marries minimalist designs with bright colors and recycled nylons to reflect the elements that inspired the brand. The brand will include swimsuits for every woman for every day of the week to make every day count.


On this episode, we discuss:


  • Why Alexa chose to start a sustainable swimwear line and the meaning behind the name


  • The benefits of manufacturing in the USA


  • Why Alexa chose to partner with Suuchi Inc. to produce her collection


  • Why sustainability is a driving point behind The Days’ mission


  • The brand’s features in Vogue US & Vogue UK


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