5 Experts On Fashion Supply Chain Challenges & the Adoption of Efficient Production Methods

Although apparel supply chains have become more complex and demanding, to prevent a bleak future, we can no longer ignore the elephant in the room- we need to reinvent fashion’s supply chain. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt both the supply chain and the global distribution channels, now is the time to start paying […]

New Business Models: Exploring the Idea of A More Sustainable Supply Chain

Whether fashion businesses are ready for it or not, it has been prophesied that a new world is emerging. These fundamental changes could potentially wake up the industry to the fact that the time has come to reject traditional business models, in favor of new and more ethical ones. Although the fashion supply chain is […]

The Birth of An Innovation-Driven Denim Supply Chain

Denim is a wardrobe must-have with mass appeal. We all have something denim in our closet; whether it be a pair of jeans or your favorite jacket, denim is the go-to wardrobe staple that transcends gender, age, and class. The big problem with denim is that it has been associated with several sustainability issues, the […]

H&M’s B2B Treadler: Serving A Need For Sustainable Supply Chain Expertise

Did you know that according to McKinsey Industry report, “The State of Fashion 2019”, 90% of young consumers today believe companies have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues? Additionally, according to The Global Fashion Agenda Pulse Report 2019, 50% of consumers plan to switch brands if another brand acts more sustainable. So it […]

How the Green, Lean, and Digital Supply Chain Approach is Driving Sustainability

There is a bubbling revolution rising in the fashion industry. It is demanding that supply chains become leaner and greener. Transparency can no longer just be a trend but needs to be a necessary change that is now being driven by labor organizations, human rights groups and even the workers themselves.  The great news is […]

Made-to-Order & Purpose-Driven – Peter Sacco | Suuchi Podcast #72

On today’s episode, Emanuel interviews Peter Sacco, Founder & CEO of Adelante Shoe Co., a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers amazing products to customers while supporting local craftsmen in Guatemala. Each pair of shoes that they sell is made-to-order with a 10-day turnaround time! To add to that, Adelante pays those craftsmen nearly double what the […]

Behind the Seams: The Days Swimwear on Sustainable Swimsuits

Behind the Seams is Suuchi Inc.’s video series where we sit down with our brands to discuss their company’s journey, how our technology and manufacturing solutions have assisted them along the way, and where they’re looking to take their company next. This week on Behind the Seams, we are happy to feature Alexa D’Amico, CEO […]

The Trust Deficit & Radical Transparency in the Apparel Supply Chain

“Business of Fashion’s” (BoF), The State of Fashion 2019, reports that the apparel consumer has become more distrusting to companies who do not offer full transparency. In this digital age, consumers expect to be able to track and understand the logistics of their product purchases. As conscious consumerism continues to rise, brands can no longer […]

Planting 1 Billion Trees Through Fashion – Derrick Emsley | Suuchi Podcast #58

Okay, fellow brand-owners, on today’s episode, I sit down with Derrick Emsley, the CEO and one of the co-founders of tentree, a sustainable clothing brand and now technology company that is challenging the way brands can drive change by getting the consumers to get involved in new meaningful ways. tentree sells clothing, but their purpose isn’t to sell products… […]

Using New Blockchain Technology Platform To Improve The Supply Chain

It is effortless to get excited about new technology, especially if it has been designed to empower consumers to steer toward a more sustainable future. Recently I found myself getting excited about a blockchain technology platform by PaperTale. Developed by a Swedish startup, PaperTale has the potential to play an intricate role in not only solving […]