Beyond the Label’s #MakeShiftHappen Influencer Meet & Greet

In November, Beyond the Label hosted its first #MakeShiftHappen Influencer Meet & Greet giving students, designers and Angelenos an opportunity to connect with changemakers from London, Germany, France, and around the United States – all in favor to truly #MakeShiftHappen. During a ‘speed interview’, Beyond The Label team members Karen Housel, Naomi Goez and Allison Sherman asked dire inquisitive questions to passionate influencers.

Photo by: Azell Gusters III

Bead & Reel’s Sica Schmitz started off the discussion with resounding agreement from fellow panelists.

“Don’t let sustainable fashion overwhelm you, there is no perfect. Take time to get to know brands and learn their story”.

Like Schmitz, Dechel McKillian of Galerie.LA created her own marketplace after years of desiring a lifestyle change. Both Schmitz and McKillian seek out brands that prioritize transparency.


Next, Tamsin Lejeune of Common Objective dropped a truth bomb. “We are in a bubble and the other 99% of the industry is unaware. The corporate idea of sustainability is never incentivized, so Common Objective is turning that on its head.”


“Marketing needs an overhaul”, declared Antonia Bölke of Mochni. “Support smaller brands, not fast fashion and mass consumption. When comparing one brand to another, ethics are different.”


Native Styling founder, Sonia Kessler, brought up the intention and behavior gap.

“There are two clans. People that are starting to care and people that are asking questions, but not ready to spend the dollars,” Agnes Muljadi of artsyagnes explains the upside of shifting shopping habits. “When you make a conscious decision to do something, you will be supported. Create a zen closet of 39 pieces. When something is added, take something out.”


Musician Arielle Paul voiced, “Being fashionable and having style are two very different things. Having great style means you’re not confined to trends. I’m a maximalist, conscious of buying things that are vintage”.


Founder of Beyond The Label, Taryn Hipwell, reiterates that both shoppers and designers need to stay informed. “Sharing one fun fact with friends continually grows the #MakeShiftHappen movement.” Rounding the discussion off, Adam Taubenfligel of Triarchy denim discloses that “it takes 77 bathtubs full of water to make 1 pair of jeans”. The sustainable denim brand has the ability to switch courses each season due to changes in available resources and more sustainable vendors, giving shoppers a reason to support smaller brands that demand superior resources.

Learn more about the role of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Written by Taryn Hipwell


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