Common Sense Is Not So Common – Mariana Chambers | Suuchi Podcast #55


“Common sense is not so common”

On today’s episode, Irina interviews Mariana Chambers, Founder and President of MRC Consulting, a New York-based creative agency for jewelry design, development, and production. The full-service group is dedicated to strengthening brands creatively and through strong market presence.

Before Mariana was in the jewelry business, she actually started out her career teaching high school Italian and Spanish. It was the language skills she possessed that landed her a corporate job where she learned product development in both apparel and jewelry. Realizing that jewelry was her passion, she started working for brands like Marc Jacobs, Fallon Jewelry and Lulu Frost, where she really cultivated a wealth of knowledge to effectuate growth plans via design, sourcing and production.

MRC Consulting started in 2011 out of a need for direct communication with the clients she wanted to work with versus the client she was beholden to in a corporate setting.

Mariana speaks openly about her transition to entrepreneurship and advises the audience that although you’re doing what you love, you need to realize that it also comes with things that you don’t like to do. You’re the CEO, the accountant, the secretary… you do it all.

She lives by the phrase “this too shall pass.” You can overcome anything if you just think through the options of what you can change or how you can pivot to make something work.

The best part about what she does ties back into her roots as a teacher. She loves training and teaching her team and feels energized when she sees their motivation and excitement when learning something new.

One of the key lessons she learned in her career is that common sense is not so common. Everyone has different skill sets and experiences different things, so what might seem logical or “common knowledge” to you might not be how others think.

Mariana advises the new entrepreneur to just write things down. Seeing your ideas in black and white is helpful. But don’t just focus on the positive. Think of the worst-case scenario and be honest with yourself about what you can and can’t handle. Lastly, she tells the audience to just be scrappy when you’re starting out. You don’t need the perfect website or expensive marketing campaigns that could wipe you out before you even start.



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