Communication is the Key to Collaboration – Jennifer Tsay | Suuchi Podcast #60

On today’s episode, Irina interviews Jennifer Tsay, CEO and founder of Shoott, a female-run startup that celebrates diversity and seeks to make quality photography accessible to everyone. The company provides a free on-demand 30-minute photo session with a professional photographer and the photos are $15 each or less — you pay for what you keep. This makes it much more affordable for people who want professional photos but don’t want to pay astronomical prices.

Before starting Shoott, Jennifer was an investment banker. She felt that after doing that for a number of years, she just couldn’t imagine doing this for her entire career. According to Jennifer, the hardest part about being an entrepreneur is finding the right people on your team internally but also externally who are worth your time. It’s so important to screen for the right people and protect the culture you’ve created.

Her team is all remote and that tends to be challenging. But communication is key so allocating responsibilities appropriately so you know exactly who the decision-makers are is critical. Jennifer is very goal-oriented. She sets goals that are doable and challenging yet not impossible so that she’s not demoralized if they’re never met. In lieu of having a mentor, she has looked online to find support and resources. She loves asking for help. She says that you never who can help you or who you can help, so it’s important to network and meet new people.

Jennifer tells Irina that one of the reasons she thinks businesses don’t succeed is because they don’t pay attention to what the market or clients are telling you as a business owner. It’s all about communication. It’s hard to hear sometimes, but you need to listen to the feedback.


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