Eight Thousand Miles – Shweyta Mudgal | Suuchi Podcast #67

On today’s episode, Irina sits down with Shweyta Mudgal, the Founder and Design Director at Eight Thousand Miles, to learn her more about her brand and her path from being an architect to a fashion designer. Shweyta’s brand is a D2C sustainable and ethically produced lifestyle collection for children and adults. Throughout this talk, we learn how she identified her passion and took action to build her brand.

Shweyta moved to the United States in her mid-20s to get her masters in architecture. Living in Los Angeles, she quickly realized that she needed to be in a much more condensed city-like location since she was accustomed to the hustle-and-bustle of Mumbai, India. This led her to move to New York City immediately after graduating with her masters.

She moved her way up within her architecture career up until the 2008 recession, which led to her to losing her job and caused her to reflect on what she ultimately wanted to do in life. These moments of reflection reminded her how much she enjoyed making her own clothes when she was a young girl back in India. Throughout this exploratory period, she worked contract jobs, lived in various countries (USA, Singapore, and India), and experienced new cultures throughout her travels.

Having a daughter at this point, being heavily inspired by the different cultures, and having the desire to make unique articles of clothing, she began creating pieces for her daughter. This led to developing a capsule collection with 40 different types of prints. While in India, she showcased her styles at a show and sold 75% of her products. This was an eye opener for her! She realized that she was onto something, so she launched Eight Thousand Miles, which is the exact distance between New York City and Mumbai, India.

We hope you enjoy today’s talk and if you want to learn more about Shweyta and/or Eight Thousand Miles, check out her site here!


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