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Fashion Revolution recently released its 2019 Impact Report.


Fashion Revolution is a #MakeShiftHappen leader when it comes to positively shifting the fashion industry. It is known for its direct and effective messaging regarding the current fashion models, materials, and mindset, of what makes a good clothing company or the latter! This impact report shares some incredible sustainable fashion statistics and solutions. And I’d like to give an excellent shout out to Suuchi Inc. and its “I Made Your Clothes” contributions (see below) when asked, “Who Made My Clothes?”


The report notes that garments are the second at-risk product category for modern slavery. As designers, who have chosen to manufacture your garments with Suuchi Inc., please take a moment to feel genuinely fantastic about not contributing to this statistic! 

Finally! The report gives us a statistic that equates the weight of clothing waste to an object to provide a visceral sense of the mass amount of waste. In the USA, 10.5 million tons of clothing are sent to landfill every year. That’s about 30 times as heavy as the Empire State Building.

“I’ve worked in the fashion retail industry for over 10 years. I was disillusioned with the practices that were getting worse and all about profit. Fashion Revolution gave me hope that change is possible.” 

To date, 8,583 people have signed the Fashion Revolution Manifesto. It is very easy to do. Please go to for more information and to sign it.

Of those surveyed for the report, 94% stated: “Fashion Revolution has had an impact on my attitude towards the current fashion industry.” There are more than 319,000 IG followers for Fashion Revolution, 19,000+ IG followers for FashRevUSA, and 72+ followers for the newly added FashRevTampaBay (it’s small yet mighty). Micro branches are forming their chapters all over the US, and all groups taking part in Fashion Revolution Week feel proud of the shifts they’ve made and the options they share with others. 

There were 55,177 #WhoMadeMyClothes hashtag posts in April 2019 (including Fashion Revolution Week, April 22-28). As the #WhoMadeMyClothes hashtag becomes popularized, manufacturers, including Suuchi Inc., are sharing photos of their lovely hardworking staff who share the message #IMadeYourClothes. This gives people on social media a chance to see happy workers making clothing under good-to-great conditions. 

Through Fashion Revolution’s passionate volunteer-based members, policies, legislation, regulations, and certifications are holding current manufacturers and fabric producers to a higher level, which creates safer conditions for neighboring communities. With even more legislation, we could start working on getting clothing microfibers, pesticides, and other chemicals out of local drinking water. 

Written by Taryn Hipwell

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