Finding Your Passion In Life – Gui Ferreira | Suuchi Podcast #54

On today’s episode, Emanuel sits down with Gui Ferreira, the founder and CEO of Metal Kinetics, a fine-jewelry company that works with some of the biggest brands in the world. This episode is really about hard work, believing in yourself, and finding and pursuing your passion(s). Gui, an immigrant from Brazil, taught himself everything he needed to know about designing and making jewelry, moved to New York City and got a job in the industry where he worked his way through the ranks. After years of hard work and hoping he would become a partner at that company, he realized that dream was not going to come to fruition.

Instead of just accepting to work for someone else for the remainder of his career, Gui took matters into his own hands and decided he wanted to launch his own company to chase the ultimate freedom. This is where, early on, he was faced with a major dilemma that many startup founders deal with… LACK OF MONEY. Gui didn’t have the money to start his own jewelry company, so he put himself in a vulnerable state and admitted to needing help. Funny thing is that he opened up to someone who had recently been a complete stranger to him, which led to Gui finding his seed investor and business partner who was truly passionate about beautifully made jewelry and believed in Gui’s talents and love for the craft.

  • The lesson here is to be more open about sharing your ideas or dreams and being more open about needing help. When you share ideas that you’re truly passionate about, you’ll get better feedback, advice, and potential resources and/or partners along the way. So go out there and start talking about what you’re wanting to do! Maybe you don’t fully believe that you’re going to do that, but when you start telling other people, you’ll begin to believe it yourself.

Although this episode is in the jewelry space, fashion brands are always introducing different limited collections, which include jewelry-based products. This will help you understand how this industry works if your brand ever explores the possibility of introducing jewelry into the mix.

You’ll also learn about the power of hard work and perseverance throughout this talk. Seeing how other people accomplish their goals and reach their dreams is powerful if you look at life through a “half-glass full” approach… meaning that you think to yourself, “if these people can do it, I can too!” Keep a positive mentality throughout your journey, work hard, fail forward, and build your dream company and life. Let’s get to work!

We hope you enjoy the episode and keep crushing it, fellow hustlers.


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