Five Ways Lauren Razek is Securing Transparency Throughout Their Supply Chain

It is no secret that fashion brands notoriously hide their supply chain from customers. Why? Because they fear that knowledge of their supply chain could negatively affect their sales. Although there are no regulations enforcing supply chain transparency, there are some forward-thinking fashion brands, like Lauren Razek, that are determined to secure transparency throughout their entire supply chain by doing things a little differently. 

Tackling The Fashion Industry’s Lack of Transparency

Believing that people have the right to know how their clothes are made and by whom, Lauren Razek founders, Lauren, Dean, and Hassan, a sister and two brothers believe that the best way to tell the story of their clothes from start to finish is through technology. 

Dedicated to creating an environmental and socially sustainable supply chain, Lauren Razek has shown that it is possible to reveal garments’ journey through photos, videos, and certificates that verify the whole story. With a reputation for using environmentally friendly fabric from the bamboo plant, Lauren Razek’s commitment to various means and methods is why they have been able to ensure transparency throughout their supply chain. Here are five approaches that I have identified that put Lauren Razek ahead of its competitors. 

(1) Taking An Open Book Approach 

To ensure the utmost transparency of their supply chain, the brand uses cutting-edge technology innovation that allows Lauren Razek to embed each of their garments with a unique stamp. This stamp, when scanned with a smartphone, reveals the entire cycle of its creation. This open-book approach gives Lauren Razek dresses their DNA, guaranteeing transparency of their supply chain so Lauren Razek’s customers can easily verify their values of ethics and sustainability.

(2) Unleashing Transparency Portal 

Committed to telling the story of their supply chain openly, from beginning to end, Lauren Razek has been relying on the NFC tag embedded within the smart label. The standout feature is that the NFC tag is connected to Lauren Razek ‘s Transparency Portal. Their customers can access the garment’s DNA and verify things like the inspiration behind the design and what sustainable fabric was used to make the dress. It also reveals the dressmakers and seamstresses who made the dress, and any accreditation acquired to prove which social sustainability standards are being adhered to by Lauren Razek. 

(3) Running Verifiable Ethical Operations

Leveraging cutting edge technologies enables Lauren Razek to run verifiable ethical operations through every step of their manufacturing process. An early adopter of blockchain, Lauren Razek uses the technology to set a new standard of best practice for the fashion industry. Blockchain technology allows Lauren Razek to keep a record of their supply chain. It also means that their customers can verify the ethical production of their clothes.

(4) Counteracting Fast Fashion 

Lauren Razek counteracts fast fashion through their commitment to slow fashion. Their dedication to slow fashion means that the brand focuses on high-quality ecological material, ethical manufacturing, fair wages, and labor practices. Lauren Razek refuses to put the quality of their dresses in jeopardy. The sustainable bamboo fabric is known for its luxuriously soft and resilient qualities.

 (5) Respecting Human Rights

Paving the way for a gentler, kinder world of fashion, Lauren Razek prides itself on working with experienced dressmakers and seamstresses who work under ethical conditions and receive equal pay and rights. The brand has also pledged to help eliminate female genital mutilation in Egypt by dedicating a portion of their profits to the cause.

As the more brands are inspired to head towards a path of compassion and sustainability, it is wonderful to observe a modern business, like Lauren Razek leading the way. Unafraid to leverage the best technologies available, they are not only achieving more accountability but also raising the standards of transparency within the fashion industry. 

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Written by Muchaneta Kapfunde


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