How Suuchi Leads to Innovation for Your Business

As mentioned in our previous blog, we’re all experiencing a challenge that many weren’t prepared for. We’re continually seeing different companies having to furlough employees, close physical locations, or even cease operations and file for bankruptcy, with the occasional business restructure post-bankruptcy. With all of these sudden changes that we’ve experienced during the first half of 2020, we must think to ourselves how we can make smarter decisions that will lead to an evolution of our processes, operations, and the overall longevity of our businesses.

The goal is for every business to overcome this temporary setback and find ways to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that there is a way to go before life is truly back to normal, but now is the time to take the first steps for business survival. With that said, what is your business currently doing to ensure you can succeed in this socially-distant and remote environment that we live in now?

The leading area companies can invest in is their supply chain. Businesses across industries have complex supply chains that consist of multiple parties (internal team, agents, manufactures, and so on), along with manual processes that suck time and resources. A digital solution allows businesses to streamline communication and digitize historically on-location tasks. Through our proprietary platform, the Suuchi GRID, businesses have been able to cut operating overhead by up to 20%. Check out the graphic below to see how the GRID innovates the supply chain through a host of solutions.

This combination of solutions empowers your business to create a fully digitized process from design through to production through to distribution.

Check out our demo of the GRID with our VP of Product, Andrew McKenna

Written by Emanuel Mercapidez


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