How the GRID Saves your Business Millions through Analytics

Data on its own does not serve any use to a business unless it can be harnessed in analytics to help bring about an informed transformation. The first step to digitization is to unite all participants across your supply chain. Once data is filtering through the GRID, over time, you will be able to manipulate that information to help improve operations.

The GRID is an end-to-end supply chain management solution, which means previously disconnected processes are now connected. Information that was either difficult or impossible to extract is now captured within a single platform and married with data from additional functions of your business.

For example, we can now make connections to your sales data and your production information. Production lead time, when combined with sales data, will help leadership make decisions on whether to pursue new styles or increase orders on well-performing styles that also have a shorter lead time. You can also use the software to make algorithmic projections into what improvements can are necessary when optimizing your vendor network. By configuring the reports and analytics feature of the GRID, you can run reports on the ratings and scores of your supply chain network across relevant metrics (for example, capacity and sustainability) to make smart assignments for new projects.

Management meetings can instantly become more efficient and effective as leaders pull the information they want to track in real-time. As you identify the areas that need the most work, adjustments are made exponentially faster to minimize any negative impacts. It can also showcase your supply chain strengths to present to internal and external stakeholders as your business scales.

Trending and forecasting also become a much simpler task. By having all data flow through the GRID, you might want to see what styles, colors, materials, or product types worked across each month, allowing you to better plan for your next production runs. You can also see what inventory levels you need to maintain throughout the year to help predict what are the optimal batch sizes across products and seasons.

With the ability to configure reports to the most relevant analytics for your business, the GRID provides the ability to transform your company completely. Over time, team leaders can implement predictive solutions to help ensure that company operations continue to get better and that each organization is at maximum efficiency.

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Written by Irina Kapetanakis


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