How Transparency can Transform your Brand

Transparency has become one of the top buzzwords across all industries, but especially within the fashion industry. A quick Google search will show you just how much of a hot topic it has become. As a brand that centers itself around a totally transparent supply chain, Suuchi Inc. knows that while some brands say that they are completely open and honest, but haven’t actually created that transparency they’re talking about.


While this is an issue in and of itself, what companies don’t recognize is that being totally transparent can completely elevate your brand. Transparency opens up so many different doors to market yourself to your current audience and a new audience beyond that. This candor allows for a brand to either build a solid foundation to launch off of or gives existing brands the ability to solidify themselves as leaders in the industry. By removing the barrier between yourself and your consumers, you allow for a deeper connection to form that goes beyond the provider-customer relationship.


On top of this, by providing full-disclosure it reflects your commitment to provide your customers with the best products and services. If you have created smoke and mirrors to hide behind, your customers will be able to tell from a mile away that something’s off. Removing the distractions or by simply acknowledging the story behind your product shows that you have nothing to hide as a company. This builds up your reputation as a brand that is willing to go the extra mile to provide the best for their consumers.


Once you’ve established yourself as a truly transparent brand, you will be able to use this as a way to leverage this to differentiate yourself from your competition. There are many brands who aren’t willing to meet their customers’ demands to know the story behind their products. By being able and willing to provide these details, you have already elevated yourself as a more credible supplier.


Ultimately, what all of this means is that transparency has the ability to transform your brand. No matter where you are in your business’ journey, opening up to your audience can completely change the game for your brand. Allowing your customers in creates an open relationship where your consumers can hold you accountable for only providing them with the best.


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Written by Lizzie Sessa


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