Inside the GRID: How Sales Leverages Our Supply Chain Software

Suuchi Inc. is a tech-first platform that uses its proprietary supply chain management software, the Suuchi GRID, to unify the fashion supply chain. As the Suuchi GRID is the backbone of our company, our team incorporates it into our daily operations.

The Suuchi GRID is a cloud-based solution that connects previously disconnected networks, accelerates speed-to-market, and provides end-to-end supply chain visibility with data tracking and analytics. The data analytics provided by the GRID offers insights into supply chain activity, which, among other things, allows brands to see what is working in the industry, make smarter forecasting decisions, and significantly increase margins.

Transparency is a part of our DNA. From our supply chain management software to our company values, we practice what we preach. And in the spirit of transparency, we opened up our doors to share how we not only help clients with the GRID but how each department applies the tech to work smarter, and better serve our customers, starting with our Sales team! Each member is an expert in their own right, starting with our VP of Sales.

Brian Reavell is an inspiring and collaborative sales leader who thrives on developing top talent. Leveraging over a decade of leadership experience in B2B sales, Brian builds sales teams that can consistently identify and solve customer problems. Most recently, he was a Principal at Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) and led sales at ADP before that. Brian hit the ground running at Suuchi, Inc., applying his strategic approach to Go-To-Market execution and customer-centric growth methodology.

In his video, Brian discusses the speed and efficiency of real-time collaboration that the Suuchi GRID provides. From a sales perspective, he also addresses how the GRID allows his team to ensure our customers experience a smooth transition to our Platform Delivery team. Further, he discusses how customers use data analytics to gain better insights across their supply chain. Brian also touches on the importance of Machine and AI learning built into the GRID, which allows us to score all of our supply chain participants over time, meaning we understand their categories, capacity, and speed-to-market.


“Across teams internally, communicating and collaborating with our clients, and being able to help these businesses grow is the key to the GRID and our success!”

— B. Reavell

Written by Alexis Washington

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