Integrity, Adaptability & Collaboration During COVID-19 | #SuuchiStrong

Just like most other organizations, Suuchi is working remotely. For most of the departments, this was an adjustment; some of the staff had never worked remotely before. With the advancement of video conferencing solutions, high-speed internet, and of course, cloud-based platforms, the adjustment was not overwhelming. Everyone exceeded expectations in adjusting to the new normal, and productivity has increased, especially with my technology teams consisting of Engineering, Quality Assurance, IT, and Dev/Ops.

I have worked remotely for most of my professional career — years of consulting provided me with the experience to manage my time and priorities when working from home. Yes, there are the scheduled dog walks, occasional strolls through the garden, and chasing away the rouge rabbits in the yard, but there are also the early starts, continuous availability, and the late nights (typical days in tech); all of which I balance through the day. But this is not about me and my experience. It’s about the technology teams and how they have seamlessly adapted to the new norm of working remotely.

One of our core values at Suuchi is Integrity. What is integrity? Is it simply being honest in your actions and moral principles? Yes, but how do we show integrity during social distancing as it pertains to our responsibilities and deliverables? Honesty, accountability, and constant collaboration is what the engineering team has driven home, almost instinctively. What I have witnessed without prodding is more requests for guidance and collaboration from team members. Groups tackle struggles, obstacles, and solutions. Arguably, more so than when the team was sitting not three feet from each other. They have worked late into the evenings and over the weekends, all on their own accord. I have seen a rise in both velocity and capacity from both Sr. and Jr. team members. Their actions reveal the true virtue of being part of the Suuchi team and their ability to adapt in these troubled times without compromising on their values.

As I look back on these last few months, I’m genuinely impressed with my technology teams. They have found ways to become more productive and engaged without missing a beat with the mandated separation. Team members that typically did not interact with each other, now are collaborating. As we move forward, I am excited to see my technology teams continue to excel.

Written by Tommy Bardinas

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