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International Women’s Day 2019

As a women-owned and operated company, International Women’s Day is certainly a big deal for us here at Suuchi Inc. When Suuchi launched the company just under 3 years ago, she never could’ve predicted the astronomical success that we would experience. Much of this success can be attributed to the culture that she built. With women in every level of the company, there has a healthy balance of opinions to make the best decisions for the company. Suuchi Inc. not only employs, but educates and certifies hundreds of women in our local community with advanced manufacturing skills. Additionally, it has also encouraged women on our team and some of our female clients to channel their passions to disrupt male-dominated industries. With just over 40% of businesses now being owned by women, the future has never been brighter for women. We encourage all women entrepreneurs to harness the courage to continue changing the world to level out the playing field.


Thank you to all of the strong and talented women who work for us, who have partnered with Suuchi Inc. to build their brands, and all of those who continue to support women everywhere!

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