Lessons to Learn from the Celebrity Side Hustle

There always seems to be a whole host of obstacles that get in the way of you pursuing your dream. All of the “reasons” that we come up with are just hurdles that we create for ourselves. Here at Suuchi Inc. we are constantly encouraging you to pursue your dream, but there is no better time than now to get started. With the rise of the internet and technology, you have all of the tools that you need in order to get started.


Whether you are looking to get started in the fashion industry or any other industry, you can learn a lot from the increase in celebrity (and influencer) side hustles. Everywhere you look you can find celebrity perfumes, makeup and clothing collaborations, and even celebrities who have entered the food industry, just to name a few. While this seems like a quick and easy way for them to throw their name on a product and earn a few extra dollars, there are a few lessons we can take away.


See a niche? Cater to it.


If you know you have an idea that is going to cater perfectly to a specific audience, do it! People love to buy products that feel tailored to them. The more specific you are, the better you can target your audience. Let’s take beard oil as an example, although, no celebrity has publicly entered this market (yet). Some companies provide beard oils that are specific to how a person wears their hair, their clothing style and the color and type of facial hair they have, of course. Not only are these companies filling the needs of a niche of people with facial hair, but are reaching each individual. If you see a way that you can fill the need, then go for it!


Capitalize on hot topics.


Rihanna’s cosmetic line has seen astronomical success because she built the brand around being inclusive and representing every person who wears makeup. Fenty Beauty’s first product, a foundation line, included 40 shades for consumers of every skin tone. Especially with the current political climate, there are ample opportunities to use your line to make a statement and have a mission that consumers want to support. If you personally feel a certain way on a specific issue, use your brand as a platform to promote it. Not only will you reach a niche audience of people who agree with you, but it’ll create a buzz around your products that will create more attention.


Admit you don’t know everything.


No one expects you to be able to know how to handle every aspect of your business. If you’re good with numbers, but have an idea that requires someone with a more creative background? Ask for help! Do you really think all of these celebrities are the brains behind every aspect of the businesses their involved with? Of course not. Whether you go into business with a few other people or hire freelancers to help you along the way, having a support system is crucial to the success of your business.

This can become your main source of revenue.


Many celebrities are now making more money off of their side gigs than they are doing their main job. Drake, Britney Spears and dozens of other celebrities are making exponential amounts more off of their business ventures that have nothing to do with what they’re known for. By partnering with the right people, being authentic in your work and putting in the necessary time and work will pay off.


Looking to launch your fashion side hustle? We’re here to help!


Written by Lizzie Sessa


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